1. LED Flood Light Series

1. LED Flood Light Series
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Get instant bright light that is resistant to voltage drops

LED flood lights are broad beamed, high intensity artificial lights that are used for illuminating outdoor areas. They are generally used in playgrounds during a sports event. Particularly, when there are low light conditions. They are also used when outdoor events and functions, which require a lot of bright lighting, are being held. LED flood lights can also be used in many different areas, including theatres, warehouses as well as perimeters of your houses.


Energy-efficient flood lights

At Tida Lighting, we offer high quality waterproof LED flood lights that are available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200 & 400W. These LED lamps require alternating current input and can be a good replacement for the energy-consuming 50 to 400 W metal halide flood lights. Ensuring zero radiation and interference, these high-powered lamps are suitable for both residential as well as commercial applications.


Bing IP65 rated, our LED flood lights are available in 3000 K and 5000 K and offer warm white light. Furthermore, the high performance pipe is designed to efficiently dissipate heat. Featuring patented Zipped-Fin technology and water-proof respirator, these LED flood lights prevent fogging or condensation. If you are looking out for increased efficiency, then we have flood lights that offer 120-degree beam angle, optional infrared sensor with models up to 80 W.


Here is how you can benefit from our LED flood lights:

  • Designed to withstand the test of time, our LED flood lights last longer. These lights do not die out abruptly. They gradually start dimming, giving you ample indication for replacement

  • Encased in tough coverings, these lights last longer and will help you save huge on your time, effort and money

  • Being resistant to environmental conditions and temperature fluctuation, our LED flood lights remain functional and stable even in extreme weather conditions

  • As lead and mercury are not used in these lights, they do not emit any harmful elements, such as carbon. This makes them a superior eco-friendly source of light


The white light produced by our LED flood lights are similar to natural daylight. This makes it easy for you to see or retrieve various items. Apart from LED flood lights, at Tida Lighting, we also offer bar lights and halogen lamps.


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